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Your Compassionate Guide to Empowered Communication

Your Compassionate Guide to Empowered Communication

In her extensive career, Deb Shawver has been a dedicated presence in the helping field since the mid-'90s. Her approach is characterized by its down-to-earth nature, fostering genuine connections, and providing unwavering support to her clients. Deb has a true passion for learning the stories of those she works with and is deeply committed to acting as an agent of positive change in their lives.

What truly sets our app apart is its remarkable ability to adapt and grow alongside its users. As individuals input information and engage with the app, the team's AI algorithms continuously evolve, delving deeper into their unique circumstances and challenges. This dynamic learning process enables the app to effectively identify potential problem behaviors and provide timely notifications, offering valuable guidance towards healthier patterns of communication and conflict resolution.

With Catch-Me, LLC, Deb firmly believes in the transformative power of technology to enhance human connections and facilitate personal growth. Her innovative approach seamlessly combines the expertise of an experienced professional with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI technology. This synergy ensures that users receive the most effective support and guidance on their journey to improved relationships and communication.

With Deb Shawver as your compassionate guide, you can trust that the path to empowered communication and harmonious connections is well within reach. Let her expertise and the app empower you to build stronger, healthier relationships and embark on a journey towards personal growth and well-being.