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Innovative Mental Health & Wellness App in Bellingham

At Catch-Me, LLC, we're dedicated to fostering healthier relationships and enhancing communication skills for users. Founded by Deb Shawver, a seasoned therapist with a passion for promoting emotional well-being, our mission is to empower individuals to navigate conflicts with confidence and grace.

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Your Compassionate Guide to Empowered Communication

In her extensive career, Deb Shawver has been a dedicated presence in the helping field since the mid-'90s. Her approach is characterized by its down-to-earth nature, fostering genuine connections, and providing unwavering support to her clients. Deb has a true passion for learning the stories of those she works with and is deeply committed to acting as an agent of positive change in their lives.

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Our Commitment to Nurturing Individuals

We firmly believe that the path to personal well-being begins with nurturing oneself. Deb Shawver recognizes the importance of self-care and well-being not only for individuals but also as a cornerstone for building healthier communities. This principle forms the foundation of our networking with professionals.
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The Catch-Me App

Catch-Me is all about seizing the moment when conflicts arise. It serves as a safety net of support right at your fingertips, ready to guide you through challenging situations. In today's world, where communication takes various forms—whether it's talking, texting, messaging, or video calling—disagreements can manifest in countless ways. We often find ourselves wanting to express our thoughts and feelings but struggling to convey them effectively.

The concept for this app was born from a personal experience. Deb, our therapist, was inspired to create it after assisting her teenage daughter in resolving a conflict with her long-distance boyfriend. They had been embroiled in a text-based argument for two days, achieving no resolution. She intervened, breaking the cycle of unproductive communication and helping both parties identify their feelings, ultimately steering them toward the heart of the matter instead of fixating on who was right.

This app serves as a valuable resource during disputes. It's a tool you can turn to when you're unsure how to articulate your emotions or when you need to delve deeper within yourself to understand what's truly happening beneath the surface of anger. It's your partner in effective communication, empowering you to navigate conflicts and build stronger, more harmonious relationships.

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Coming Soon: Catch-Me! Your Partner in Personal Growth

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