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Escalation Notification

At Catch-Me, LLC, we're committed to your well-being and effective conflict resolution. Our unique feature, the Escalation Notification, is a game-changer. When you fill out our initial survey, it helps identify potentially ineffective behaviors. This feature recognizes and alerts you to interrupt these behaviors for a coaching opportunity.

Examples of such behaviors include increased frequency and rate of texting, threats or verbal abuse, key trigger phrases like "you always" or "you never," explicit language, image sharing, rapid social media searching, message sharing, and unusual message lengths and timings (e.g., in the middle of the night).

This feature evolves with increased use, becoming more specific and detailed to better support you in your journey towards healthier communication and conflict resolution. Catch-Me, LLC is here to empower you every step of the way.

Emotions are not the problem, thoughts are not the problem, it is what we do next that can become problematic, unless we notice the emotions and let them help us detect what we are needing/wanting. Guilt usually means we messed up and need to fix something. Sadness means we need something, like nurturing from ourselves or another. Fear means that we need to get safe, humans can sometimes sense fear, and our instincts take over. Anger might mean that something needs to change, and often it is when we hit an anger point that we have some energy and motivation to do something to get out of a negative situation. Usually most negative emotions quickly turn into anger, as we struggle to express them at the initial point, and our defenses kick in. Even expressing positive emotions like gratitude, or admiration, or love can be difficult. It feels vulnerable to let it hang out there and may feel too risky.

Every interaction is like a mirror reflecting back at us, and sometimes we really don’t like what we see, so we hide, or fight, or run away. When our bodies get flooded with emotions, our central nervous systems kick into fight/flight/freeze/feign and our brains quit working smoothly. Our abilities to think straight and or verbalize things effectively goes right out the window. When people get into conflicts it seems like the most difficult and unnatural thing to do what we really need most to do – which is to take a break and calm our systems down, so we can be rational humans again. Instead, we try to argue our points, or get our way, or force something to be understood. This is when destructive things happen in relationships. ANGER is the surface emotion and underneath the ANGER lives other vulnerable emotions, like sadness, shame, hurt, embarrassment, guilt, confusion, and more…and the one that is always there on the bottom of it all is FEAR. People don’t recognize their fears clearly at times, because they are so intrenched – since childhood – like the fear of being rejected, the fear of being wrong, or fear of looking dumb. Or general fear of any type of conflict at all.

Effective Conflict Resolution

The Catch-Me, LLC app is not just about identifying conflicts but offers a unique feature: the Escalation Notification. This tool is designed based on the user's own preferences, ensuring they engage in coping options they genuinely want to try. In high-stress situations, the user can choose strategies tailored to the specific circumstances, a key differentiator from generic advice like "just breathe" or "walk away."

Coping Options for Calming the Body

  • Physical Release: Engage in physical activities like running, movement, deep breathing, yelling, or venting through self-talk or writing.
  • Change Location: Shift to a different environment, change temperature (cool air or water), and soothe.
  • Notice Body Calming: Pay attention to returning to a baseline state, with regular breathing, a decrease in body temperature, and a slower pulse.
  • Vagus Nerve Strategies: Implement techniques such as open peripheral vision, relaxed vision, Kegel exercises, or even a simple cough to calm your physiological response.

Once calm, the app guides you to the next stage: curiosity and self-acceptance. Users learn to identify their feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations.

Exploring Underlying Emotions

  • Anger: Uncover what's beneath the anger, such as feelings of defensiveness, fear, or perceived threats.
  • Defensiveness: Recognize behaviors like denial, rationalization, blame, or shutting down, which are often indicative of underlying emotions.
  • Sadness and Embarrassment: Understand that these emotions may not surface during the conflict itself but can be triggered by past experiences or deeply ingrained shame.
  • Guilt and Shame: Recognize these emotions and their potential for growth and positive change.

Shifting Mental Energy

  • Coaching Phase: Reframe your thoughts and focus on positive aspects.
  • Explore Your Desires: Ask yourself what you truly want and consider your own perspective.
  • Empathy and Perspective: Remember the positive qualities of the other person.
  • Seeking Resolution: Prepare assertive, win-win statements for effective communication.
  • Non-Verbal Communication: Acknowledge the importance of tone and expression in communication.

In summary, Catch-Me, LLC's app offers a comprehensive approach to conflict resolution, empowering users to identify, cope with, and resolve conflicts while promoting personal growth and self-awareness. It's a valuable tool for individuals looking to break free from negative patterns and foster healthier relationships.