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Deb Shawver

With a career spanning over 25 years in the helping field, Deb Shawver brings a wealth of experience and a down-to-earth approach to her clients. Her journey in mental health began in the mid-'90s, and since 2005, she has been making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals, particularly teenagers and adults, through her private practice.

A Versatile Therapist

Deb's therapeutic approach is as diverse as her clientele. She employs an integrated methodology that draws from strengths-based, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), solutions-focused, attachment-based, and family systems theories. Her expertise extends to various facets of mental health, making her a trusted resource for individuals seeking support in navigating life's challenges.

A Reputation Built on Trust

Her commitment to her clients is reflected in her impressive track record. Over the years, she has maintained a full caseload, with many clients returning, even after substantial breaks. Some seek specific issue resolution, while others view therapy as a consistent pillar of their well-being. Her ability to establish rapport and facilitate growth in her clients has earned her their unwavering trust.

The Birth of Catch-Me

Deb's passion for helping individuals led her to create the innovative Catch-Me app. This concept was born from her own experiences, including a pivotal moment when she helped her teenage daughter navigate a conflict over text with her boyfriend. Understanding that emotions often lead to impulsive and regrettable actions, Deb aimed to provide users with a tool to access their true feelings and communicate assertively in the heat of the moment. Catch-Me has since evolved to address a broader range of emotional and behavioral challenges.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

As the owner and therapist in her private practice, Deb not only provides essential mental health support but also serves as the owner, entrepreneur, and clinical director of the Catch-Me concept. She holds the distinction of being a clinically independent social worker and recognizes the pressing need for accessible support in a post-COVID world.

Deb Shawver's dedication to improving the lives of others shines through her extensive experience and her innovative approach with Catch-Me. With her at the helm, individuals can look forward to transformative mental health support in an evolving world.

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